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newdawn_poets's Journal

The new poets.
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This community is about poetry and lyric writing! Show off your work my darlings!
Helloo there my little pretties! and how be you?
I'm a little tiny woodymph who was thrust into this human world of concrete and more evil people! BUT THE MUSIC IS GRANDE!

Well this place is for all peots out their, who want to show off their masterpeices! Anyone is more then welcome! Anysubjects you wish to write about, go ahead! you can't stop anyone with artistic tendencies! so have fun, write, meet people! amd all the rest!
Yes... I should really see somone...

But hey! I shall soon be a music student! I play the guitar.. well i have an attempt.. i like the wierd and unusual sounds i tend to make on there...heee..
I also to quite abit of photography, i love to write and draw and paint on anything and everyhting.. i tend to let my imagination let loose.. yeah.. every writing book i own has stickers and drawing and writing all over it... but i spose it's harder to wirte on the net!

I also have a my wast of space :http://www.myspace.com/bubblemountine
and the blog: :http://blog.myspace.com/bubblemountine

So if you fancy having more of a read.. go ahead.. welcome to my mind!
And also there is anouther site where i ahve moddeled for.. yeah i there need to be more pics up on there but have a look! The Photographer is Nathanial tempest: http://www.inthepicture.webeden.co.uk/
I am countees lydia on this site!

Also i have worked on a like internet show which we are soon getting back on the web it's called NDTv were still getting a proper site up at the mo! but you can contactus on the mywaste of space thingymamob!